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"Pure religon before God the Father is this, to visit orphans and widows in their trouble..."
James 1:27

About Us

How successful is Beacon of Hope and Joy and how does its success reflect in the community?

In March of 2007 BOHJ provided tuition, some books, and uniforms for only 33 children in first grade through high school. BOHJ has grown to servicing over 500 vulnerable children in Harare and in 2 rural schools in Sanyati and Gokwe. BOHJ’s presence has brought a new sense of hope and expectancy to the children and their guardians, who are mostly grandmothers. The communities are celebrating the involvement of BOHJ and willingly becoming involved in the development of community boards which assist in coordinating sewing and counseling projects.

What beliefs and morals are BOHJ teaching?

BOHJ believes in the sanctity of human life and that children need protection and guidance while they are young. We also believe that good morals and values should be part of a child’s training as they grow. BOHJ partners with the guardians in making counseling resources available to them as needed.

We are excited that two new programs, which foster our beliefs and morals, are being offered to the sponsored children.

First, Mailbox Club International develops personal Biblical knowledge and discipleship through progressive lessons.

Second, True Love Waits International develops a moral commitment to abstinence and purity in their relationships.

Grief counseling is currently being provided by Joyce to the older children and the community.

Joyce MuchechetereJoyce Muchechetere

Joyce Muchechetere, the director of Beacon of Hope and Joy Christian Orphanage, is a native of Zimbabwe. She has spent her life caring for those in need and helping suffering children. She is a pastor’s wife who served with her husband at Sanyati Baptist Mission Church in Zimbabwe for 25 years. Her home was always open to serve people and to minister to their physical and spiritual needs.

After Joyce’s husband died in 1986 she worked as a Project Coordinator with Help Age International, a non-governmental organization in Zimbabwe, caring for Mozambique refugee children. During those four years as project coordinator she developed training skills, as she continued her life of service to the disadvantaged.

While visiting her children in the US, Joyce began sharing her vision for developing a program to help the widows and children living in poverty. Joyce’s passion to help children in impoverished parts of Africa ignited a medical mission to her home country. Joyce returned with the mission trip to her native Zimbabwe, choosing to remain in Harare to form Beacon of Hope and Joy Christian Orphanage.

Now partnering with Beacon of Hope and Joy in the US, both organizations are working together to support AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

BOHJ is embracing God's love and hope for children in abandonment and poverty through
educational assistance, spiritual nourishment, and developing live and leadership skills.

~~~~~~Bringing hope to those in poverty ~~~~~~